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How can I help when I have a performance issue?

If you want to help us to analyse a performance issue, you can do that from a console?


Play your scenario except the action causing the issue.
Click on Tools/Restart Profiling.
Play the last action causing the issue.
Click on Tools/Open Profiling.

A page has been opened.

Copy and send us the content by email.

 How can I initialize tracker value?

Sometimes, you would like to track the refund of a payement done before you started to use skrooge.
How to do that because it's not possible to set an initial amount on a tracker?

You can create a split operation with:

  • amount=0 to avoid impact on reports
  • a split with the expected amount associated to the tracker
  • the other split with the opposite amount not associated to a tracker

How to have skrooge in my language ?

First, check if Skrooge is well translated for your language:

Second, don't forget to install packages for your language. Example for french (fr):

How to add a source of download for units?

Since Skrooge 1.1.0, you can add your own source of download for units.

For that, you just have to add a file in $HOME/.kde/share/apps/skrooge/quotes/

This file must be a text file (extension .txt) like this:

#The URL of the source. %1 will be replaced by the internet code of the unit

#The mode (HTML or CSV). In HTML mode, only one value will be extracted from downloaded page. In CSV mode, a value per line will be extracted.

#The regular expression for the price (see

#The regular expression for the date (see

#The format of the date (see
dateformat = yyyy-MM-dd

This is not so easy to define regular expression, so you can active Skrooge's traces by doing "export SKGTRACE=1".

Defaults sources are installed in: /usr/share/kde4/apps/skrooge/quotes/

Where is the code documentation ?

You can find the API documentation here:

How to reduce the size of my document ?

The size of your document can be very important. If you delete same old transactions, the size will increase.

This is normal because skrooge keeps the history of all modifications for the undo/redo mechanism.

So, if you want to reducte the size of your document, you just have to clear the history.

How to set default currency and date format ?

Default currency and date format are retrieve from KDE's system settings. Some distributions do not ship it with base KDE packages, that should have been installed along Skrooge. In such case you should install it through your distribution's package manager.

You can then start it in a console


And select your preferred seettings, in the locale section.

How can I add bank's icons for my country ?

The banks are defined in a file named list_bank.txt containing one line per icon.

Lines in this file are in fact the name of each bank logo file, and the file should be named like this : xxxxx_xxx_xx__yyyyy.png
Where :

  • xxxxx_xxx_xx is the name of the bank. underscores (_) will be replaced by space when displayed in skrooge.
  • yyyyy is the code of the bank. Usually, this code appears at the beginning of the account number.
  • The size of the file must be 100x100 maximum.

Note 1: there is double underscore (__) between the bank name and the bank code
Note 2: the bank code is optionnal. If this is not applicable in your country, do not put anything, and do not put the double underscore.

As to logo files, it's being debated currently whether we should ship them within skrooge, because of copyright issues. If you want to add them along with the file, please do so, but be aware that at some point in the future they might be removed...

Can I import existing data ?

Skrooge support a large number of file formats, so there is every chance that you can successfully import existing data. Supported file formats are:

Format Comments Import Export
.OFX / .QFX / .MT940 / AFB120 Widely used by banks or applications. Standard specifications make it the more robust format when available

.QIF Widely used text format, but with no standard specification. Has some major drawbacks, like not containing the currency used, nor a defined date format. Skrooge does mostly better in processing this format than other applications, but there might still be some tricks here and there.

.CSV Not a financial specific file formats, but sometimes used by banks or applications. Skrooge allows very flexible processing of these files

.kmy The KMyMoney file format.
.skg The Skrooge file format.
.sqlite The sqlite file format.
.gnc The GnuCash file format.   
.gsb The Grisbi file format.  
.xhb The Homebank file format.  
.mmb The Money Manager Ex file format.  
.mny The Microsoft Money file format.  
.json The javascript file format.  
.xml The XML file format.  



How to translate Skrooge for my language ?

Skrooge being a KDE application, all translations are held in the KDE repository. The following page shows translation progresses for skrooge:

In order to contribute to KDE translations, I'd recommend you had a look at this page:
It's usually very easy to join a team.

They should give you proper indication on getting involved.

How to avoid Skrooge freeze ?

Sometimes, Skrooge freezes.
Most of the time is due to settings.
So, you just have to try:

rm ~/.kde/share/config/skroogerc

If, this doesn't work, then try:

rm ~/.kde/share/apps/skrooge/skrooge_print.rc
rm ~/.kde/share/apps/skrooge/skrooge_file.rc
rm ~/.kde/share/apps/skrooge/skrooge_importexport.rc
rm ~/.kde/share/apps/skrooge/skrooge_undoredo.rc
rm ~/.kde/share/apps/skrooge/skrooge_operation.rc
rm ~/.kde/share/apps/skrooge/skrooge_scheduled.rc
rm ~/.kde/share/config/skrooge-appletsrc
rm ~/.kde/share/config/skrooge_filerc
rm ~/.kde/share/config/skrooge_operationrc
rm ~/.kde/share/config/skrooge_importexportrc
rm ~/.kde/share/config/skrooge_searchrc
rm ~/.kde/share/config/skrooge_scheduledrc
rm ~/.kde/share/config/skrooge_unitrc
rm ~/.kde/share/config/skrooge_undoredorc

How do you manage code quality ?

To improve the quality of Skrooge, we are using many tools:

  • krazy2 for static code checking.
  • ctest to execute automatic tests.
  • With continious integration thanks to kde build.
  • With coverity:Coverity Scan Build Status

How can I help debug?

You can help use by doing:

  • Ask help on forum if you are not sure that it's a bug.
  • Check in the bug tracker that our problem has not been reported before.
  • Open a console.
  • Execute following lines in the console.

export SKGTRACE=255
skrooge > traces.txt

  • Replay your scenario.
  • Open a new incident with:
    • A detailled description.
    • The result.
    • The expected result.
  • Attach the file named traces.txt to the opened incident.

This document could help you to avoid mistakes.

How can I report a vulnerabilities ?

You can contact the main developer. You can find its email in the "About" of Skrooge.



How can I contribute to the Skrooge project?

Many answers to this question:

  • By translating the application and the documentation. You can find statistics here.
  • By opening bugs or wishes from here.
  • By answering questions on forum.
  • By proposing patches.
  • By writing articles on this site.
  • By voting for skrooge on KDE-Apps.
  • By sending us encouragement.