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gdebure's blog

Skrooge in kdereview

After several weeks in playground, I have moved skrooge into kdereview. If all goes well, we should be moving to extragear in two weeks. This is going to be a huge step for skrooge, and a small but (In My Humble Opinion) nifty addition to the list of KDE applications. By becoming an official KDE application, we hope to reach more users, more contributors and, all in all, enhance skrooge.

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Skrooge 0.2.9 available in sourceforge

Skrooge 0.2.9 is now available on sourceforge !

While skrooge's sources are now fully migrated in playground, we are not yet ready to move into kdereview then extragear, mostly because documentation is far from complete. Still, Stephane* made a great number of enhancements in playground, and we'd like to share them with you, dear comunity =D.

Skrooge in playground

This should be my first post syndicated on planetkde, so Hello Planet !

I intend to post here progress regarding skrooge, a personal finances manager for KDE4. Some of you may already know skrooge from kde-apps or sourceforge. We have decided to get integrated more tightly in KDE, and thus we are currently migrating into playground/office, aiming at being part of extragear.

The mandatory screenshots :

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