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Skrooge 0.6.0 beta release

Hot on the wheels of our friends at KMyMoney, the Skrooge team releases a beta version of the upcoming 0.6.0 release. The goal here is, unsurprisingly, to find as much bugs as we can, and give translators a string freeze period until the final release (targeted for end of January).

With this version, we try to focus a bit more on documentation (it was already becoming quite obsolete), usability (we're not there yet, but it's getting better) and hopefully translations if possible. On the usability front, I'd like to thank all the people who took some time to give their feelings and idea. This includes Joanna Pierroz, a student in usability, who provided us with an extensive list of recommendations, people on various forums or by email.

Anyway, you can get it on the brand new Skrooge website. Of course, we're especially interested in getting bug reports and comments, so keep them coming


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I just pulled this from SVN because I liked to get hands on to that new UI what is really nice to use. Need to test how well does skrooge work on netbook because then I could suggest it for the old people who owns skrooge and it would fit perfectly for their moneykeeping diary. Great work!