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Can I import existing data ?

Can I import existing data ?

Skrooge support a large number of file formats, so there is every chance that you can successfully import existing data. Supported file formats are:

Format Comments Import Export
.OFX / .QFX / .MT940 / AFB120 Widely used by banks or applications. Standard specifications make it the more robust format when available

.QIF Widely used text format, but with no standard specification. Has some major drawbacks, like not containing the currency used, nor a defined date format. Skrooge does mostly better in processing this format than other applications, but there might still be some tricks here and there.

.CSV Not a financial specific file formats, but sometimes used by banks or applications. Skrooge allows very flexible processing of these files

.kmy The KMyMoney file format.
.skg The Skrooge file format.
.sqlite The sqlite file format.
.gnc The GnuCash file format.   
.gsb The Grisbi file format.  
.xhb The Homebank file format.  
.mmb The Money Manager Ex file format.  
.mny The Microsoft Money file format.  
.json The javascript file format.  
.xml The XML file format.  




To be identified as a MT940 file, the extension of the file must be .mt940.

So, you could you change the extension of the file and try again.