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Vydán Skrooge 2.30.0

Neděle, 2 Červenec 2023

The Skrooge Team announces the release 2.30.0 version of its popular Personal Finances Manager based on KDE Frameworks.

Seznam změn

  • Correction bug 435762: Income&Expenditure widget don't match with Income&Expense report
  • Correction bug 454965: Stats plugin should use XDG_STATE_HOME rather than the hardcoded .skrooge path to store files
  • Correction bug 467153: Skrooge crash opening dashboard, after QML dashboard only introduced
  • Correction bug 467599: Issue with reconciliation of portfolio accounts
  • Correction bug 468329: Import via woob 3.5
  • Correction: Remove all dashboard to keep only the qml version

Get it, Try it, Love it...

Grab Skrooge from your distro's packaging system. If it is not yet included in repositories, go get it from our website, and bug your favorite distro for inclusion.

Zapojte se!

To enhance Skrooge, we need you! There are many ways you can help us:

  • Submit bug reports
  • Diskutujte na Fórum KDE
  • Contact us, give us your ideas, tell us where we can improve...
  • Can you design good interfaces? Can you code? Have webmaster skills? Are you a billionaire looking for a worthy investment? We will be very pleased to welcome you in the Skrooge team, contact us!