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Here is the list of main features of Skrooge:

  • QIF, CSV, SKROOGE, KMYMONEY import/export
  • Microsoft Money, OFX, QFX, MT940, GNUCASH, GRISBI, HOMEBANK and MONEY MANAGER EX import
  • Advanced Graphical Reports
  • Several tabs to help you organize your work
  • Infinite undo/redo (even after the file was closed !)
  • Instant filtering on operations and reports
  • Infinite categories levels
  • Mass update of operations
  • Scheduled operations
  • Track refund of your expenses
  • Automatically process operations based on search conditions
  • Multi currencies
  • Budget
  • Dashboard
  • Advices



A Skrooge user kindly took some of his time to craft some videos:

Skrooge tutorial #1
Skrooge tutorial #2
Skrooge tutorial #3

He also created a comparison between Skrooge, Gnucash and Homebank: