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Import your accounts from many sources

Skrooge is able to import transactions from many formats (AFB120, QIF, CSV, MT940, OFX, QFX).
For a more reach import, Skrooge is able to import documents from many applications (KMYMONEY, Microsoft Money, GNUCASH, GRISBI, HOMEBANK and MONEY MANAGER EX).

And better, Skrooge is able to import directly transactions from all your banks web sites in one click.



Build the graph you want to well undestand how your spend your money.
Have a look to the periodic reports (monthly, annually, ...) to undestand the progress.
Have a quick look on the dashboard.
Skrooge is also able to give you advice based on your behavior.


Like in a web browser

Several tabs to help you organize your work.
Bookmark your preferred reports, graphs, filters, pages, ...



Budgeting isn’t about restriction. It’s about setting and reaching your goals. Skrooge can help you to manage your budgets by putting in places simples rules.

Classical features

Infinite categories levels.
Scheduled operations.
Multi currencies.
Manage payees.


Advanced features

Infinite undo/redo (even after the file was closed !)
Mass update of operations.
Automatically process operations based on search conditions.
Instant filtering on operations and reports.
Download of quotes.
Add all properties you want on all objets (transactions, accounts, categories, ...) and including files (pdf, pictures, ...).

Track refund of your expenses

Skrooge can help you to check that you have received the expected refund (e.g. medical).



Skrooge can produce some reports by using external addons:

  • Fichier des Ecritures Comptables
  • autoentrepreneur
  • freelance
  • ...


A Skrooge user kindly took some of his time to craft some videos:

Skrooge tutorial #1
Skrooge tutorial #2
Skrooge tutorial #3

He also created a comparison between Skrooge, Gnucash and Homebank: