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Skrooge meets Gnucash (thanks to KMyMoney)

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The Open Source community openness and friendliness never cease to amaze me. Shortly after my blog about my being in Hamburg on Monday, Thomas, from KMyMoney fame put me in contact with Christian Stimming, one of the core Gnucash developpers. Christian lives in Hamburg, so we settled up for a beer after my arrival to the hotel.

Not only did we drink the aforementionned beer, in a very pittoresque bar on a red boat (I owe you one beer for next time, Christian !), but Christian kindly walked me to the Hamburg harbour, showing me some of the nice ships around, architecture, and Hamburg in general. Our discussion was very entertaining, ranging from our jobs to Open Source as a hobby, skrooge and gnucash (of course !), Qt and gtk, C and C++, Google Summer of Code, KDE and what not.

I really enjoyed the meeting : Thanks Christian, and thanks Thomas for putting us in touch ! I'm looking forward meeting more Open Source developpers and users, in Hamburg or elsewhere...