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Skrooge 0.9.0 released

We are not yet ready for a 1.0 version, but we are getting closer... The Skrooge team announces the release of the 0.9.0 version of its personal finances management application.

This version's highlights include:

New Features

  • Ability to specify amount in a split operation by a formula (must start by =)

  • New button to reset internal filter in reports

  • Select Color options for reports in the settings
  • Information zone in budget to display budgeted amount based on selected budgets
  • Easier creation and management of categories thanks to a revamped edition panel
  • Balance and balance of the day in account widgets (table, dashboard)
  • Merge of an imported operation with a manual operation is now possible even if amounts are different
  • Button on "Scheduled operations" to jump to the operation template for edition
  • New advice to align scheduled operation amount with the last amount inserted
  • New kind of graphs : "stack of columns", "values in % of columns"
  • New setting to enable/disable balance computation
  • Ability to handle cash through a special account type (wallet)
  • New Oxygen icons (thanks Nuno Wink)


  • bug 273692: Weird overlay in each dashboard widget
  • bug 270207: Cannot enter positive value (credit) for operations in my account
  • bug 271294: Modifying transactions with spaces in their amounts causes them to be reset to 0
  • bug 271708: Wrong account transfer merging when importing QIF files
  • bug 272863: Allow to choose which KDE wallet store password in
  • bug 274777: inconsistency between amounts&nb of operations displayed by modules Tiers, Categories and Operations
  • bug 274993: Generation of forecast in a report depends on the option "auto-write"
  • Correction: Error during QIF import if unit is already existing
  • Correction: Open property file with space
  • Correction: Selected items always on top in graphs
  • Correction: Symbol in legend when "Point" is the selected mode of graph
  • Correction: Skrooge crashes on change of icon for folders in bookmark dock
  • Correction: Show progress bar only when needed
  • Correction: Bad values when customized dates are changed in reports
  • Correction: Better draw of pies in graphs
  • Correction: "Antialiasing" option in settings panel + automatic refresh of graphs after settings modification
  • Correction: "find and group transfer" does not work if 2 operations with same date and same amount
  • Correction: Homebank import supports budgets and scheduled operation
  • Correction: Change "Context" by "Pages"
  • Correction: Better computation of forecast period for "Scheduled" and "Budget" modes
  • Correction: Better performance in advice for scheduled operations
  • Correction: Better proportion in reports in BUBBLE mode

Get it, Try it, Love it...

Grab Skrooge from your distro's packaging system. If it is not yet included in repositories, go get it from our website, and bug your favorite distro for inclusion.

Get Involved

To enhance Skrooge, we need you ! There are many ways you can help us:

  • Submit bug reports
  • Discuss on the KDE forum
  • Contact us, give us your ideas, explain us where we can improve...
  • Can you design good interfaces ? Can you code ? Have webmaster skills ? Are you a billionaire looking for a worthy investment ? We will be very pleased in welcoming you in the skrooge team, contact us !



I really love this software, it's so complete.

Nice work and so many thanks!. Cool

Currently I am with Mageia (Cauldron, the future Mageia 2) My system is in French. I have Skrooge 0.9.93 and it is impossible to import a .gsb file contrary to what you announce. In the window and in the drop-down menu every other formats are proposed but NOT the Grisbi one. And when I try to write the path to the file and click on Open, I get an error:

[ERR-5]: L'importation du fichier « /home/fred/Documents/Comptabilité/Jacques.gsb » a échoué

then at the following screen if I click on "Historique":

[ERR-5]: L'importation du fichier « /home/fred/Documents/Comptabilité/Jacques.gsb » a échoué
[ERR-8]: Contenu XML non valable dans le fichier « /home/fred/Documents/Comptabilité/Jacques.gsb »
[ERR-4]: Mauvaise version de document Grisbi. La version doit être >= 0.6.0

No way to import a Grisbi file finally? Or a bug? Thanks.


Thank you for your message. I corrected the missing format in drop down menu. It will be delivered in next version.

You must know that Skrooge is able to import only the last format of Grisbi files.
So, you have first to convert your file in 0.6 version of file directly with Grisbi.
After that, Skrooge will be able to import it.

Thank you for using Skrooge.


There are some problems with importing a file, ofx for me, downloaded from my bank site. KMyMoney asks in what account to import it, the app generally recognizes it, and after the import I have the same balance in my account as in the file from my bank. In Skrooge, there is no question about the account, so the app doesn't recognize the account and imports it as a new account like this one for instance: "Bank Account 0213......."

I can change the imported operations to my account but the balance is not/never equal to the "new account", and so to the statement from my bank.

In KMyMoney you have one question and everything is automagically imported with no problem and the balance is also automatically updated with that from your bank in the file. Perfect. With Skrooge, you have no question but a new account and the balance in your account, even if you modify the imported operations to your account, is not updated so neither in compliance with that of your bank. Not perfect at all!

I hope I explained well. English is not my native language, especially when talking about finances... lol Also, I'm not an expert about financial apps. Thank you for your indulgence. :D

I don't know if there is a possibility to correct this annoying problem...? Thanks.

Skrooge tries to identify the account by using the name of the imported file.

If you set account's numbers in skrooge and if your imported file contains an account number then skrooge will put the operations in the expected account.


OK I understood the problem, some spaces...

But when I import an ofx file downloaded from my bank, Skrooge always says me something like (sorry I write in French):

Skrooge ne peut pas mettre à jour le solde (ou la balance ou quelque chose du genre) car il y a déjà des opérations...

So then, the opening balance does not change neither the column "amount" in the bank and account page. So I never have a good balance, in all cases not that given by my bank on its website... So the balance which is displayed in Skrooge is wrong! Is there a possibility to correct that? Thanks by advance.


You must know that, in an OFX file, there are:

  1. The initial balance
  2. A list of transactions

When Skrooge imports this file:

  1. The initial balance of the account will be set only if there is no transaction in this account
  2. All transaction not already existing will be imported

So, this message is normal, this is just to inform you that Skrooge is not able to change the initial balance.

To know if a transaction is already existing or not, Skrooge uses a unique identifier defined in the OFX file.
Some banks (example: Credit Cooperatif) don't generate a real unique identifier. This could cause some troubles like you have (transaction in double).