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Open Source Skills Management software ?

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Dear Lazyweb,

My employer is looking for a tool to manage employee's skills and jobs, and has asked me to look for some existing Open Source options. So far, I've had very little success and was wondering if the KDE community could help...

The need is to be able to define things like this:

  • A "Skill" describes a Tool, a Process or a Method. Some basic examples : "C++ Development",  "Scrum Methodology", "Open Office Calc"
  • A "Skill" has a category ("CAD", "Development", "Project Management"...)
  • An employee has an expertise level for each skill, ranging from 1 (very basic knowledge) to 5 (intergalactic guru)
  • A Job requires several skills, each with a minimum expertise level

The idea is to have a better management of employees knowledge, as well as allowing HRs to understand more what is required to perform a job (typically during recruitment).

I've been investigating some options, but none so far seem to have what we need:

  • OrangeHRM comes very close, but has no Skill Categorization, and does not allow to link Skills with Jobs. Code seems extremely complex (at least to me Tongue out), so customization could be difficult...
  • Some ERP solutions could maybe do this (project-open, OpenERP, OpenBravo...) but they are built to cover a much wider field, and end up being far too complex for this basic need.

Does anyone know something simple to handle this ? If not, we can still extend one of our internal tools (built on Groovy), or develop a new one, but this is a good opportunity to start putting some Open Source thinking in this company... If we have to develop our own, I'll try to push to make it under an Open Source licence.


A very interesting study, even if our case is different. In Nasa's case, they needed to aggregate some existing data source, whereas we need to create a complete database from scratch.

Thanks for the link anyway :)

Hi there,

not exactly sure if this is what you're looking for: I use Plato to assign resources to jobs and schedule them. Works great for me, however, you might have had something different in mind.




Yep, what I have in mind is very different: I need to be able to find "Who is proficient in Qt Development ?". KPlato allows task management, using Gantt charts, rights ?

Thanks anyway !

I've been looking for a quite similar tool. Though, I tried several options, I never got warm, they never supported what I was looking for.

Thinking about that, a tool like that would not be that much of an effort, depending on the complexity of course (making it server / client based it may introduces some more complexity, still simple enough).

Though, we did not find anything. I'm not interested in this (my company would not sponsor it, and it's not my private interest), but developing something like this seems to be the only option besides propertiary systems.

Well, until I find something, I am playing with Django to see if I could do it... This is also for self education purposes, so I'm not sure where it will end. If I come up with something useful, I will commit it to sourceforge. At the moment, Django makes the basic things super easy, but it's when it comes to details that it starts getting tricky.

Java, hibernate, spring, javascript, any database, application server and 1 month of development => your desired web tool.

Simple as that ...

We actually developed a process and software (Oracle 11G) that is probably what you are looking for.     It was showcased in a Best Practice.   We developed it within a large Aerospace company.    It basically is a process to define your skills sets, experts and proteges and has a method to measure protege competency levels.    The database enables you to search according to your expertise need.