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Skrooge at Desktop Summit 2011

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Stéphane and Siddharth with the Skrooge T-ShirtStéphane is currently in Berlin, having fun at the Desktop Summit 2011, but I'm the one blogging about it... Well that will do for my not being to attend for personal reasons Tongue out ! And it is only justice that Stéphane is having fun, he is the one doing most of the code, after all.

We took the occasion to create a Skrooge T-Shirt, and Stéphane offered one to Siddharth Sharma, our GSOC 2010 student that started the implement of the plasma dashboard.

Together, they will try to discuss plasma dashboard issues, possibly with other people interested in the topic. I don't know who is there, but the names of aseigo, notmart, rrix, apol come to my mind.

Oh, and if someone is interested in this T-Shirt, we can get one for you for around 20€ ! All benefits will go to KDE, of course.