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Skrooge 1.5.1 released

The Skrooge team is pleased to announce the release 1.5.1 of its popular personal finances management application. The attentive reader will notice that there is no annoucement for version 1.5.0... This is because I was too slow to make it before Stephane published a new version Tongue Out.

This new version's highlights contains :

  • Automatic import through weboob. In spite of the [funny | questionnable | silly] (pick your choice) name and general tone, weboob is a quite interesting technology allowing to fully automate the process of downloading data from your bank, by parsing its html page. Backends are available for a few banks, but writing additional backends is actually quite easy with some python knowledge, and their community will welcome your contributions.
  • Overall performance improvement
  • Nicer line graphs


New features

  • New "Process Immediately" method to process immedialetly some scheduled operations
  • Multiselection for "Jump to the operation" in scheduled operation page
  • New advice to detect non alignment of comments (operation vs suboperation) for simpe operations
  • New advice to detect operations without mode
  • New option Automatic refresh/Manual refresh in advice dashboard widget
  • New advice to switch on "Manual refresh" when advice are very long to compute
  • New advice to detect too complex unit definition like this: IBM => $ => £ => € (not supported)
  • Possibility to do graphic reports with the bank as column of line

Bugfix & Enhancements

  • Fixed bug 311252 : Creating account with existing name just modify the existing one
  • Fixed bug 312609 : Banks widgets at the dashboard show wrong values
  • Fixed bug 312671 : Compile warnings
  • Fixed bug 312859 : Searching for an empty payee doesn't seem to work
  • Fixed bug 313140 : Thousands of compile warnings when using [-pedantic] [PATCH provided by Andi Clemens]
  • Fixed bug 313141 : Adjust layout in preferences window [PATCH provided by Andi Clemens]
  • Fixed bug 271292 : "Set to upper" process does not work with all characters
  • Fixed bug 263265 : Support regexps on imported data
  • Fixed bug 313268 : Better layout fot the "comment" field in the operations view
  • Fixed bug 313240 : Transfers between accounts with different currencies show as income/expense
  • Avoid endless "wait cursor" in case of canceled load of protected file
  • Operations page layout with very long comments
  • Disable "Pin this page" when no page is opened
  • Disable "Print" and "Print preview" when no page is opened
  • Correction in the show menu of the operation page when only one account with ";" in the name
  • Pb of propagation for budget rule with Period=Current Year
  • Avoid duplicate message in notification
  • Avoid to set an operation in more than one budget item when "garbage" budgets are used
  • Display reconciliation field when the "Reconcile" function is called from the page of accounts
  • Transfers ignored by default in" "Incomes & Expenditures" widget and reports
  • Adapt the size of the "Account" field to the lenght of the accounts names
  • Set focus on "Date:" field after insertion or update of an operation
  • Nicer line graphs

Get it, Try it, Love it...

Grab Skrooge from your distro's packaging system. If it is not yet included in repositories, go get it from our website, and bug your favorite distro for inclusion.

Get Involved

To enhance Skrooge, we need you ! There are many ways you can help us:

  • Submit bug reports
  • Discuss on the KDE forum
  • Contact us, give us your ideas, explain us where we can improve...
  • Can you design good interfaces ? Can you code ? Have webmaster skills ? Are you a billionaire looking for a worthy investment ? We will be very pleased in welcoming you in the skrooge team, contact us !


thank you guys for your work :)

i'd love to see some love on the stocks/shares part... I don't understand how should I add some transaction I bought.. is the amount the total amount or the cost of the single share? why amount of shares is set as currency? I'd put the single share amount in amount, amount of shares the number of shares I bought (1,2,3, etc) and it should do the math for the total amount (amount*number of shares + commission + tax)=total.... now it seems it's like total=(amount of shares + commission + tax), but then the amount what's useful for? maybe it's just me, but I find hard to use the current one and on the docs there is nothing: .. I can't even help to write that part, as I don't understand how it's supposed to use, maybe the dev who did it has some idea :)

i've just upgraded... i don't like the new line graphs... the white bullets and the shadows add too much noise, especially on small graphs like in the dashboard



I have 2 computers, one running precise and another one running quantal.

After updating both, I realized they don't have anymore the same skrooge version. Precise has 1.5.1 and quantal has 1.5.0beta...

you can check that here: (you have to install and launch it to see that it's written beta ^^)

and here

I guess it's a mistake because this ppa is decribed as the stable one (no beta) and the last 2 releases of ubuntu don't have the same version...

So, I guess quantal should have the 1.5.1 version?


And by the way, thank you so much for this great piece of software!

This is an error. I will fix it!

Thank you.