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Skrooge 1.8.0 released

The Skrooge team is pleased to announce the release 1.8.0 of its popular personal finances management application. Some Highlights include :

  • Recovery of corrupted files : this seems to happen on some setups where the skrooge file is synchronised to a distant file system. In such situations, the user may be asked to enter a password even though the file was never password protected. Fortunately, there is a way to recover the data, so this is now done automatically when this happens.
  • Notifications are now displayed inside the application (as in dolphin) instead of using system notifications.
  • Import of Microsoft Money files


Bugfix & Enhancements:

  • Fixed bug 319706: OFX trntype not imported, rest okay
  • Fixed bug 320114: Wrong bank balance at dashboard
  • Fixed bug 320112: Importing CSV operations with mixed " and ' text field separators
  • Fixed bug 320226: Monthly report does not work due to missing template
  • Fixed bug 320240: Impossible to enter exact amount for given unit in pop-up
  • Fixed bug 320242: Transaction confirmation pop-up doesn't use defined unit value for transaction date for suggested value
  • Fixed bug 320261: Dashboard "Income & expenditure": no values, strange colors
  • Fixed bug 320157: Skrooge not working when .skg file is located on Samba share
  • Fixed bug 320323: Add function ("rest to") In budget
  • Fixed bug 320298: Default automatic format detection while importing a file leads to wrong entries creation
  • Fixed bug 320070: Allow changing operation date through "Search & Process"
  • Fixed bug 320716: Skrooge does not import all operations using weboob
  • Fixed bug 320717: Use rdate instead of date in weboob backend
  • Fixed bug 319993: Please adopt application logo/icon for smaller resolutions ==> skrooge-mini can be choosen for small resolutions
  • Fixed bug 319990: Please fix icon alignment in Pages tab
  • Fixed bug 322306: Skrooge Crash using Forecast Schedule
  • Fixed bug 322069: Designer plugins should be unversioned .so files
  • Fixed bug 323380: Minor date bug when using the stock portfolio widgets
  • Fixed bug 320066: Crash importing KmyMoney exported file from Skrooge
  • Fixed bug 324972: Import fails without an error when account is defined in CSV
  • Fixed bug 325081: Add a « Yesterday » choice in the date picker
  • Fixed bug 325174: Importing from gnucash file doesn't import accounts fo types 'Mutual Fund' nor 'Credit Card'
  • Fixed bug 325223: Crash when exiting skrooge
  • Fixed bug 324008: Erreur when importing .mny file. Error when analysing categories.json
  • Fixed bug 325675: Build error in skgfileplugin.cpp for openSUSE 12.2 KDE 4.9
  • Correction: KMyMoney exports does not need a check of integrity anymore
  • Correction: Addition of all icons in size 256 and 512
  • Correction: Block drop of a bookmark under an other bookmark
  • Correction: Bad date format detection when the second value is 9 (example: 3/9/04)
  • Correction: Remove the "Bank account " string in the name of the account name created by an OFX import
  • Correction: Icon for "Amount entered"
  • Correction: Authorize long number for operations like 5490990004
  • Correction: Default graph mode = line
  • Correction: Better detection of duplicate operations after import
  • Correction: The setting "Import only operations since the last imported one" allows importation for the same date (< instead of <=)
  • Correction: Impossible to change state of operation from suboperation view
  • Correction: More permissive "Open duplicate"
  • Correction: Better setting layout for import/export
  • Correction: Import/Export minimum and maximum balance in KMyMoney importer
  • Correction: Import minimum balance in Grisbi importer
  • Correction: Import minimum balance in Homebank importer
  • Correction: When a file is selected for the icon of the bank, the file name is displayed in the name of the bank
  • Correction: In simulation page, the interest are computed with only operations with type=currency, not with shares
  • Correction: Error when importing skg file by double clicking when skrooge already open
  • Correction: No more password panel when the user loads an invalid Skrooge file
  • Correction: In report, the forecast based on budget is displayed even when no operation in account
  • Correction: Shortcuts in "Show" menus
  • Performances: Better performances in dashboard, monthly report, import, search & process, exports...

New Features

  • Notifications and error messages are now based on KMessageWidget
  • The restore file is now base on KMessageWidget
  • Option to auto download from backend on opening file (default=false)
  • Import Microsoft Money documents (.mny) protected or not
  • Addition of russian banks
  • Reopen last page closed
  • Max and min limits on accounts
  • Better and new advices based on limits of accounts
  • Sound emmission on operation creation
  • Import "Budgetary allocation" and "Fiscal year" from Grisbi files as properties
  • Information message explaining how to exist full screen mode
  • Addition of date of last reconcilation on account
  • Amount owned on unit table
  • Download date on unit table
  • New account type: Pension
  • New set of categories for french people
  • Addition of "Configure notifications..." in configuration menu
  • Download and add bills as property by using boobill (weboob)
  • Rename of property
  • Export HTML and ODT from tables
  • JSON export based on QJson
  • Automatic process to recover a corrupted file
  • New "weboob0g" backend compliant with the Weboob 0.g

Get it, Try it, Love it...

Grab Skrooge from your distro's packaging system. If it is not yet included in repositories, go get it from our website, and bug your favorite distro for inclusion.

Get Involved

To enhance Skrooge, we need you ! There are many ways you can help us:

  • Submit bug reports
  • Discuss on the KDE forum
  • Contact us, give us your ideas, explain us where we can improve...
  • Can you design good interfaces ? Can you code ? Have webmaster skills ? Are you a billionaire looking for a worthy investment ? We will be very pleased in welcoming you in the skrooge team, contact us !