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Some Skrooge news

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I've been quite silent on the Skrooge front, lately, time for a little update :)

New Website

I've been alerted a few weeks ago that the Skrooge web site had been hacked, using some URL Injection. After attempting some enquiry and cleanup, I gave up : I couldn't find the compromised code, and was not able to fix it. This is how I realized that sysadmin is a real job, and I am not one ! After asking some help on kde-www, Albert quickly prompted me to kde-sysadmins, and Ben Cooksley offered to clean the website and host it on kde servers.

This is now done after some terrific work by Ben, a cleaned up site, still at the same address : I took the opportunity to do some visual refresh, and will continue with some better site organisation and updated content.

Skrooge 2.0 cooking, kf5 based

The next Skrooge version, initiating the 2.x naming scheme, will be based on kf5. Don't expect too much in terms of functionalities or appearance, this is for some other time.

The kf5 branch in git currently compiles, but skrooge will not find its plugins on starting. We are working on fixing this.

A Skrooge companion ?

For a while now, we have been pondering on giving Skrooge some additional capabilities: multiple users, addressing the mobile market... We have a few ideas there, and we did not really decide:

Start a web interface from Skrooge

This server would serve some web pages allowing to enter operations, create reports... We keep all the existing code and logic, but have to implement some secured web mechanism (this is financial data...). this would look a lot like ktorrent's web interface, ie it would start when you start skrooge (if configured that way), so there would be a manual action first before you can actually access the web interface.

Create a full blown web application

Create a web based application recreating the logic we implemented in the desktop version in a framework like django. This means we get the security quite right but there is some work on the logic side, and it will require or users to be knowledgeable on deploying django on a web server. Also there would be no compatibility with the existing skrooge files, you would have to choose between the desktop or the web version.

Any other option

What about developping an owncloud plugin that would allow editing a skrooge file ? Or something totally different ? Do you have ideas ?