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Skrooge 2.9.0 released

The Skrooge Team announces the release 2.9.0 version of its popular Personal Finances Manager based on KDE Frameworks


  • Correction bug 380235: Reports table view: missing characters
  • Correction bug 380232: Yahoo api discontinued
  • Correction bug 380187: Shares always use the current rate/value. On unit page, you can choose if you want to see the history of the unit value or the history of the amount owned
  • Correction bug 380827: Pie chart alignment
  • Correction bug 380460: Failure when loading file from skrooge 1.12
  • Correction bug 380821: Add keyboard shortcut to rename bookmarks
  • Correction bug 380820: Custom banks do not use their custom icon/image
  • Correction bug 380818: Cash account is not associated with a bank
  • Correction bug 380802: Going back and forth from "fullscreen mode" (Ctrl+Shift+F) loses the focus on "pages" tab on the left sidebar
  • Correction bug 381056: Dashboard portfolio widget: Wrong percentage values
  • Correction bug 381562: csv file import: unable to detect matching account
  • Correction bug 381168: Change tab order of properties editor
  • Correction bug 381847: Income & Expenditure widget does not match corresponding report
  • Correction bug 382162: Wrong budget in root categories if subcategories also include subcategories
  • Correction: Multithreading SQL connections must be compliant with SQLite mode
  • Correction: Temporary skg file protected by password are not well restore  
  • Correction: Replacement of missing icons
  • Correction: Auto apply on advice duplicates remaining advice
  • Correction: The "duplicate" function creates operation with invalid creation date
  • Correction: Regular expressions for CSV import are now translatable 
  • Correction: Values are not refreshed in amortization table when annual rate or insurance rate are modified
  • Correction: Zoom on dashboard widget in QML doesn't work
  • Correction: No refresh of "month" in the title of some dashboard widgets
  • Correction: In about, the authors of sub plugins are now displayed 
  • New feature: New import backend using aqbanking 
  • New feature: Import backends can now have parameters 
  • New feature: Skrooge is now able to export only the selected accounts or operations
  • New feature: Bulk mode in import backends 
  • New feature: In "Monthly Report", possibility to get attributes on pointed objects
  • New feature: Addition of new BitcoinAverage source to be able to download bitcoin rates (due to unavailability of BitcoinCharts)
  • Performances: Avoid advice computation in dashboard when the dashboard is not the current page 
  • Performances: Better performance in advice "Some payees seem to be identical" 
  • Performances: Better performances on load and save

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  • Discuss on the KDE forum
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