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Skrooge 2.10.3 released

The Skrooge Team announces the release 2.10.3 version of its popular Personal Finances Manager based on KDE Frameworks


    • Correction bug 383758: Report unreadable because element outlines are to thick
    • Correction bug 384119: Operation without suboperation after a kmy import
    • Correction bug 375865: Quick fill: select/enter item does not lock payee
    • Correction bug 384801: Converting multiple operations with different amounts to "transfer" type changes all amounts to 0
    • Correction bug 384802: When creating multiple transfers into a different currency use the correct exchange rate for each date
    • Correction bug 385002: Display and edit default category for payee
    • Correction bug 385277: Wrong budget for split-operations with unaligned dates
    • Correction bug 384803: Creating many transfers to a different currency leads to uninterruptible series of dialog boxes
    • Correction bug 385990: Altered budgets aren't displayed until you reload the tab
    • Correction bug 386285: The minimum/maximum limit in account definition is interpreted as Primary Currency
    • Correction: Bad english in help on rules
    • Correction: Memory leaks  
    • Correction: The source of unit download is now able to support date in "en_EN" locale event if this is not the system locale. Mandatory for implementing a Google Finance source.  
    • Correction: Don't display the page of operations when the import is canceled  
    • Correction: Better error messages in backend import  
    • Correction: Optimisation in backend import  
    • Correction: Optimise html of monthy reports
    • Correction: Port from QWebKit to QWebEngine  
    • Correction: Avoid to compute too many combinations (and take hours) when trying to do an automatic reconciliation  
    • Correction: Backend import must match account with id with letter like this 123456A@ldl  
    • Correction: Never merge 2 accounts with same name in backend import  
    • Correction: Crash when selecting many lines in search & process page  
    • Correction: Enable print functions only when at least one page is opened  
    • New feature: New "Google Finance" source of download for units  
    • New feature: The source of unit download can be now an external script  
    • New feature: New import backend "weboob_coming" importing coming operations (can be used for card with deferred debit)  
    • New feature: A payee can be closed. Then it won't be available in combo boxes in operation page
    • New feature: A category can be closed. Then it won't be available in combo boxes in operation page
    • New feature: New parameters in boobank backend to be able to import operations only since a specified date  
    • New feature: Export ledger format  
    • New feature: The tooltip of "Search" explains now how the entered value is understood
    • Performances: Better performances on initial load (avoid to intialise a document before loading one other)


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