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Skrooge 0.5.3 released


The last release in the Skrooge 0.5.x series is now available. It contains its usual load of new features and bugfixes : see for yourself :

New features :

  • Save icon in tab bar to overwrite bookmarks or current context
  • New dashboard plugin for highlighted operations
  • "Back" & "Forward" navigation on pages
  • New "Simulation" plugin, allowing for interests computation (and allowing for more in the future)
  • New command to open operations modified during last user action (useful after an import or a processing)

Bug corrections :

  • bug 209451: Display quantity of each unit
  • bug 209457: Number of decimal for each unit must be different
  • bug 209453: Import must avoid double even when operations are not validated
  • bug 209529: Unable to reconcile. Delta zero but "Validate checked operations" tick still grayed out
  • bug 208939: "Search and process" does not work anymore
  • bug 209610: Skrooge doesn't not work if "Maximum undo depth" is 0
  • bug 209542: Automatic conversion of schedule
  • bug 209672: Amount of indexes must be displayed without unit symbol
  • bug 209705: Importing investments from csv doesn't import the dollar amount of shares purchased
  • bug 209705: Find&Group is now able to detect share purchase/sale
  • bug 209702: Need the ability to be able to manually group transfers
  • bug 209914: executable bits set for skgalarmboardwidget.h
  • bug 209905: currency import is broken
  • bug 209912: rpmlint warnings after installation: unused-direct-shlib-dependency
  • bug 209053: Savings account support request
  • bug 210946: columns are always resized to content when opening operations tab

Grab this new version from your distros repositories, or get the sources and compile yourself.


When I told at the beginning of this post that it would be the last version in the 0.5.x, this is because we are now setting plans for the next version, that will most likely be a 0.6.0. What we have in mind is work at as much as possible all the UI issues we are facing, such as discoverability, consistency, and general ease of use. You are very welcomed to help if you have any idea about this ;-)

Our future plans are currently stored in our TODO file, that you can read here

This next version will have a string freeze before release, so our translators friends will get a chance to do their magic again. An updated documentation, released at the same time is also planned. So, when is version 0.6.0 released ? When we are ready, to quote a famous open source project...

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