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Working on Skrooge usability

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So, there seems to be a consensus against the panel allowing to edit operations in Skrooge. And probably rightly so :

The usual critics are, as you would expect from the screenshot above, that it looks scattered, and over complicated to the point where it becomes intimidating for the first time user.

I've been trying to try to reorganize the whole stuff, without removing any field, and came up with this :

I'm a bit concerned that some fields are not wide enough on small screens... Mode can contain strings like "Automatic Transfer", for example, or Category can be something in the line of "Transport > Car > Fuel".

What do you think ? Am i on the right path here, or should I try something totally different ? If anyone has some talents on designing User Interface, help is welcome !

Update: I'd like to thank everyone who commented the post. I used some of your suggestions, and here is a new version. What do you think, is it better ? I did it in standard oxygen colors, this time, it's fairly common ground for everyone, I guess...


I also added some data in the fields so that it's easier to understand. A note, though for those who had unanswered questions :

  • The number is mainly useful for noting the cheque number. Some people also like to store number for transfers, or for other mode of payments
  • The tracker is a way to track certain operation, for example to follow reimbursement. You may have a look at the online documentation

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