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More usability feedback needed

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Since I got many interesting comments on my last blog on Skrooge usability, I figured out I could once again request your valuable help, dear users, on one of the most difficult part... Let me introduce to you the current "Search and Process" interface :

The goal of this is to find a set of operations and apply them a transformation. Example:

Find all imported operations with Comment containing Acme, and set their Category to Clothes

Pretty useful huh ? I can safely say so, because it was not my idea, but Stephane's* ;)

Anyway, the current interface is, in my opinion, far from optimal, so I've been trying to make some proposals. The first one is for the search section:

The searchable fields are in the list on the left. Add a field to your query either by drag n' drop or by double click. Fields are added in columns. In the above example, the query means:

Find all operations with Payee equals to Acme, or imported operations with comment containing Acme

On the same line, there is an "AND" relationship between values. There is an "OR" relationship between lines. We need some way to make it clear to the user, so feel free to submit ideas on that. You may also have a totally different view on how this "advanced search" should look like, I'd be glad to get some suggestions :)


Now on the process part, here is my proposal:


This should be read as

  • set the mode to 'check' (or cheque, for our UK readers)
  • set the payee to 'Big Phone Company'
  • put the existing comment in uppercase (OK, this one really needs to be enhanced...)
  • set the category to 'Phone'

On the above proposal, Stephane finds it takes too much vertical space, and not enough horizontal (it is true that most modern screens are 16/9), and proposes the following:


My arguments are that it is too visually similar to the search definition, not looking nice (aesthetically speaking), and that since you can only define one line, there is no need to present it as a table (which, by definition, is supposed to have many lines).

So dear reader, will you hear the Skrooge developpers plea, and appease our quarrel ?

* Stephane MANKOWSKI is skrooge main developper, I'm only doing documentation, communication, and discussion with Stephane regarding new features...

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