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Skrooge 0.6.0 released

The Skrooge team is proud to announce the release of version 0.6.0, bringing new features and a lot of bugfixes.

New features

Here are some of the most prominent new features in Skrooge 0.6.0.



Graph with forecast

Skrooge is now able to draw some estimation of how a graph might look in the future. This is valid for any report with a graph of type line, whatever the chosen time interval (years, months, weeks, days...). There are two different methods for forecasting:

  • Schedule: Skrooge will use the upcoming recurrent operations and draw them on the graph.
  • Moving Average: Skrooge will use existing operations and build a moving average set of points for upcoming periods. This method tries to give you a sense of "based on how the graph looked like in the past, here is how it might look like for the near future". Of course, this can give totally unacurate results, depending on the dataset used, period, weather outside...

The forecasted period is controlled by a slider:

Forecast slider

Move the slider right to extend the forecast period.

We'd like to get some feedback on this feature, since it's quite tricky to provide some useful information through forecasting. Let us know what you think.

Minimum, Maximum & Average

You can now display lines for Minimum, Maximum & Average, in any line graph containing a single line.

Linear Regression

To get an idea of the overall trend in a graph, it is now possible to draw a line corresponding to the linear regression of the data drawn

Minimum, Maximum, Average, Linear Regression

New User Interface for Search & Process

I was not satisfied with the previous Search & Process presentation. We've worked on it and propose a new layout, hopefully a bit more clearer:

New Search & Process interface

I'm still not entirely satisfied with it, especially the overeall aesthetics, but I think it's an improvement over the previous one. I will try to improve it during the 0.6.x series.

Operations edition

A long requested feature is the substring completion, a complicated term that is better explained by a small screen capture:

Substring Completion

When typing in a text field, all previous entries containing the same string, whatever the position, are proposed to the user. Previously, it worked only if existing entries started with the same string.


A lot... Improvements in

  • Stability
  • Imports (transfers, split operations...)
  • Split operations edition
  • Keyboard shortcuts

Please read the changelog for a complete view...

Get it, Try it, Love it...

... well, we hope ;)

Anyway, go get it from our website, or bug your favorite distro for inclusion.

Get Involved

To enhance Skrooge, we need you ! There are many ways you can help us:

  • Submit bug reports
  • Discuss on the KDE forum
  • Contact us, give us your ideas, explain us where we can improve...
  • Can you design good interfaces ? Can you code ? Have webmaster skills ? Are you a billionaire looking for a worthy investment ? We will be very pleased in welcoming you in the skrooge team, contact us !

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Not yet... The only way at the moment is to export in QIF from KMyMoney, and import it in Skrooge. But you will loose some data, like recurrent operations definition.

Thank you for your work ! I really appreciate this software.

I tried others but this one is perfect for me.

Thank you for the great software it does everything i need it to multy currency with download ... just wonderfull

Also KDE is good but romanian cities werent available for weather :(


Thanks again

Well, thanks for the very nice words, they are highly appreciated Laughing