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We're doing import / export...

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One of the most requested feature in Skrooge is the ability to exchange data with other applications, such as KMyMoney and gnucash. We already agreed with the KMyMoney folks to work on better interoperability between our two apps. Stéphane put down the first stones of this building with gnucash and KMyMoney import and export functions.

The best way to do this, as suggested by Alvaro, is to do it in a separate library that would be available stand-alone, so that any app needing to exchange data could rely on it. While the implementation definitely more thoughts and agreement amongst concerned team, we are getting the stone rolling... I'm not good at designing libraries, so don't ask me about details, I'll leave that to the big guys. But we'll be talking about rather soon... :)

Anyway, if someone wants to play with this, use skrooge from SVN. At the moment, only gnucash import works, but knowing Stephane's usual coding speed you might expect this in a few days.

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can you not make a new akonadi resource (with advanced security of course) to share data between programs? that way you could not only import/export data, but keep the data constantly updated throughout all the apps using the data

This is indeed one possibility Tongue out... The KMyMoney guys have started playing with Akonadi, IIRC, so we will have some feedback from them.