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A call for testers (KMyMoney & gnucash imports)

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As previously blogged before, we've been working on KMyMoney and gnucash imports lately. These features are available from the SVN version. We're looking for people volunteering in testing these imports, so if you're interested in the KDE Finances group, give it a try and let us know if you have issues.

By the way, a big thanks to the KMyMoney team for giving us a file we can play with for our tests :)

On a related note, I'm going to attend the KDE Finance Sprint that Alvaro blogged about:

This is going to be fun and productive, I'm sure ! Alvaro summed it up very nicely, so head over to his post for details. One of the topics will be how to move to an even more complete exchange mechanism between financial applications, something we could maybe even share with apps like gnucash, grisbi, homebank...

Now, once final confirmation is given, I'll go looking for the best fares for flights between Toulouse and Frankfurt.

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