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Helping a cousin project : lemonPOS

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LemonPOS is a Point of Sale application powered by KDE 4.x. Its developper (Miguel Chavez Gamboa) asked in the KDE Finance mailing list for a bit of help spreading the word, so here is my (small) contribution to his project :o)

It seems that lemonPOS is a nearly unique example of Open Source Point of Sale, so go check it out, and congrats to Miguel !

LemonPOS is a member of the KDE Finance group, with other applications like KMyMoney, Kraft, Skrooge, Association Subscribers Manager (Arnaud, please, find a shorter name =D ), and others... The KDE Finance group will have its first sprint in Frankfurt in April (23rd-25th).

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But unfortunate name.

In the UK, a 'Lemon' means something crap, and POS = Piece of shit.

So it's a lemon piece of shit.

Basically the same connotations with Lemon and POS here in the US. I always giggled a little.

Wouldn't have known about this nice project without your post to planetkde.

Ive packaged LemonPOS and its now available in the in the ArchLinux AUR -

And yes, where I come from POS has a different more fecal meaning also :) but its the standard abbreviation for PointOfSale also...

Well I had no idea about that meaning... I hope it won't prevent a great project from getting the attention it deserves.

@realitygaps, thanks for packaging :)

... to help spread the word !

This looks like a very nice project and I'll do its promotion right now too.

As for my little piece of software (another possible meaning for POS)... Yeah I know, I'm working on it ^^ Kurabu would be better don't you think ?



LemonPOS is a Point of sale application powered by KDE 4.x.It is an unique example of Open Source Point of Sale.