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Skrooge 0.7.0 released

The Skrooge team is proud to announce the release of version 0.7.0, bringing new features and a lot of bugfixes. This release is mainly centered around import & export.

Stephane has been working a lot on many formats, lately, judge by yourself :

Format Comments From version Import Export
OFX / QFX Widely used by banks or applications. Standard specifications make it the more robust format when available 0.1.0  
QIF Widely used text format, but with no standard specification. Has some major drawbacks, like not containing the currency used, nor a defined date format. Skrooge does mostly better in processing this format than other applications, but there might still be some tricks here and there.

CSV Not a financial specific file formats, but sometimes used by banks or applications. Skrooge allows very flexible processing of these files
.kmy The KMyMoney file format. 0.7.0
.gnc The GnuCash file format.  
.gsb The Grisbi file format.
.xhb The Homebank file format.


Other new features worth noting :

  • Ability to define the initial balance of an account (a long time requested feature Tongue out)
  • Ability to manage more account types (loan...)
  • Legend in graphics



As usual, a fair amount of bugfix went in this release. The changelog contains the full list, the hereafter list is only a subset:

  • bug 225980: Share download not in primary currency : value not correct
  • bug 226451: .skg file incorrectly identified as password-protected ==> New document icon to identify encrypted files
  • bug 230175: Sometimes report plugin resizes Skrooge over the sceen size
  • bug 232937: Search & Process : if a category has no operation yet, it doesn't appear in the possible categories for "update"

Get it, Try it, Love it...

... well, we hope ;)

Anyway, go get it from our website, or bug your favorite distro for inclusion.

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