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KDE Finance Sprint, take 2

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The second day of the KDE Finance Sprint saw us doing more presentations regarding our respective applications (Kraft, KMyMoney, Skrooge), and working on two main subjects:

Common Icon Set

This is a task we have been wanting to finish for... long :p ! The idea is that now that these apps are part of the KDE family, they should somehow look more "oxygenish". Nuno sent us a spreadsheet where we would describe the icons we need, and Alvaro (KMyMoney), Thomas (Kraft) and myself (Skrooge) finally completed this list.

I know the oxygen guys have enough to eat on their plates, so we are not expecting this to happen very soon, we will just be happy when it comes up =D


Alkimia is the name we chose for a new component that would allow communication between applications for financial matters. Let me give you some use cases (extracted from the dedicated wiki page) :

Fred purchases the album of his favorite band in an online music store and pays 5,99$ for it. The commitment is done in Amarok. Next time Fred starts KMyMoney or Skrooge it notifies him that he did this payment and if he wants to put it on the right account.

Another one:

In KMail, Anneliese receives email from EBay stating "Your fire red pumps were sold for 35,34 Euro." KMail automatically registers incoming but not yet received money in Alkimia.

Even more fun:

Elena issues an invoice with Kraft over 364 Euro, due in 10 days. She marks the invoice to be sent in Kraft. In KMyMoney and Skrooge the amount of 364 Euro shows up as expected money together with the document id number, date and addressee of the invoice. Four days later, Elena checks the accounts via online banking. One transaction record contains the document id and the finance manager asks Elena if she can confirm that this is the money paying the invoice. She confirms that. Next time she starts Kraft she sees that the invoice is marked as payed.


OK, I bet you get the idea, now. Alkimia will be a service ensuring communication between applications in these use cases. We could imagine even more things in it :

  • Download online quotes
  • Do online banking
  • Importing different formats (CSV, OFX, QIF)
  • ... !!!

This is still a bit sketchy now, but it should refine over time, and bring lots of additional coolness to the KDE world :)

On a side note, I'll be leaving the Sprint in half an hour, but the guys will keep on for a few hours more !

It has been a fantastic experience, and meeting people for real was wonderful. We had lots of fun, produced valuable work, had got to know each other better for even more interactions in the future !

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Comments .  Much like other microformats, I'm not sure whether all the sites that present invoices, bills, and receipts actually use it.  If not, you get to screen-scrape using HTML and CSS heuristics or write custom parsing for each retailer :-(
BTW, your WYSIWYG editor's preview is horrible and unintuitive and turns my comment into '>' using either Input format.

I'm happy to see cooperation and attempts to code utilization in next kde productivity tools..

do you, kde finance devs, consider Akonadi-like design for Alkimia?


Getting more integration and cooperation with Alkimia sounds pretty cool. :)

Just wondering, is Alkimia doing the same as Akonadi (caching and storing data), or are these completely different?

Alkmia aims at offering financial services to applications. Akonadi may be useful for storing the data, but I don't think akonadi's vocation would be to handle online quotes, for example... But as Thomas said above, we need to discuss with Akonadi to clear things up !

Just a thought: In the light of the ongoing ELENA discussion in Germany and Europe, I'd suggest you wouldn't use this name in an example for an application integrating financial data. (Except you wanted to make a political statement.)


Besides this, I like the idea, as I am quite fond of desktop integration tools.

  The idea of making monetary transaction convenient and easy through online is remarkable. Alkimia sounds to be the perfect service ensuring communication between applications. Hope this would bring a milestone revolution in online banking history. Great innovative work.