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How can I add bank's icons for my country ?

How can I add bank's icons for my country ?

The banks are defined in a file named list_bank.txt containing one line per icon.

Lines in this file are in fact the name of each bank logo file, and the file should be named like this : xxxxx_xxx_xx__yyyyy.png
Where :

  • xxxxx_xxx_xx is the name of the bank. underscores (_) will be replaced by space when displayed in skrooge.
  • yyyyy is the code of the bank. Usually, this code appears at the beginning of the account number.
  • The size of the file must be 100x100 maximum.

Note 1: there is double underscore (__) between the bank name and the bank code
Note 2: the bank code is optionnal. If this is not applicable in your country, do not put anything, and do not put the double underscore.

As to logo files, it's being debated currently whether we should ship them within skrooge, because of copyright issues. If you want to add them along with the file, please do so, but be aware that at some point in the future they might be removed...