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How to set default currency and date format ?

How to set default currency and date format ?

Default currency and date format are retrieve from KDE's system settings. Some distributions do not ship it with base KDE packages, that should have been installed along Skrooge. In such case you should install it through your distribution's package manager.

You can then start it in a console


And select your preferred seettings, in the locale section.




I am English speaking person in foreign country. This essentially means that I cannot change the "locale" section as many web pages and language localization also change the language for that country. Please fix this so that I can change these settings manuallly from Skrooge.

I am not sure why you can't change your KDE settings because of these pages, but even if you can't, we are just talking about the defaults, here. You can specify whatever main currency you whish inside Skrooge. The display language can also be set for Skrooge, as in any KDE application, overriding the session's settings.

I think this (installing additional currency choices) needs to be spelled out for me like I'm a child because I cannot see the Canadian currency choice in Skrooge although I installed what I think might have been the appropriate additional file from the Language Pack selection (maybe that's the problem?). Could you please identify what additional file(s) specifically I have to install to be able to select a Canadian $ rather than a US$? I'm not a developer and new to KDE. Thanks for your help!

Solved my own problem. Restarted Windows and went back into the Installer, selected Language Packs, selected the file corresponding to Canada (ca) and installed it. Seemed to solve another problem with the image for the bank as well, although it would be nice to have a generic image for a bank not listed since Skrooge seems to require one. Also, switched to a Canadian download site, they did not have the same versions available but trust what they have will work for me.

While I can select C$ on an operation, I don't seem to be able to set it as my primary currency and I am having trouble figuring out KDE system settings on Windows. I tried creating a new file, still the same issue. Help! 

Hi There, 

Please open a new thread on KDE forums, much easier to have a discussion there, and will also be easier to find for other people with similar issues Smile