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Skrooge 2.6.0 released

The Skrooge Team announces the release 2.6.0 version of its popular Personal Finances Manager based on KDE Frameworks


  • Correction bug 372470: Scheduled transactions on dashboard
  • Correction bug 372938: merge imported operations wrong warning about different amounts
  • Correction bug 373147: Dashboard/Scheduled operations typo
  • Correction: Remove old skrooge icons to use the official breeze icons
  • Correction: Do not install namelink for private library
  • Correction: Avoid inconsistency when primary unit is not well defined (
  • Correction: QIF import fails when non utf8 chars are found 
  • Correction: Display all type of item in "Search & Process" 
  • Correction: Execution of "template" rule after import destroys the template itself (
  • Correction: Recovery of the working copy doesn't work in sqlcypher mode
  • Correction: Better performances and memory use in SKGAccountObject::getPossibleReconciliations 
  • Correction: Better automatic account selection by using bank and agency numbers
  • Correction: Bad unit symbols in min and max limits in accounts page
  • Correction: Impossible to duplicate a page not having selection (eg. Dashboard, monthly report) 
  • Correction: The dock "Message" is not reinitialized when a new file is loaded 
  • Correction: In budget module, replacement of "Remove existing budgets" by "Remove existing budgets for xxx" 
  • Correction: BitcoinCharts currency import order must be inverted because CSV file has been inverted
  • Correction: Better display for "Income vs Expenditure" on QML dashboard
  • Correction: New limit to history size set to 999 instead of 99
  • Correction: To avoid partial import with backend, the import is fully done in case of delta detected
  • Correction: weboob backend is now searching transactions on date AND rdate to avoid missing transaction
  • Correction: Skrooge is now able to download addition stuff (monthly report template, quote source) with knewstuff
  • Correction: Open file property fails when the property name contains the full path (
  • Correction: Avoid duplicated operation when importing attached accounts with weboob
  • Correction: Group on suboperations must display min, average and maw amounts (
  • Correction: The option "Import only operations since the last imported one" must not be applied with backend import
  • Correction: "Estimated interests" are now in QML in dashboard and are available for monthly reports
  • Correction: Addition of tooltips on each operator in "Search & Process"
  • New feature: Addition of "nocolor" to the "money" Grantlee filter
  • New feature: Remove .skg in backup file name if .skg is added in the prefix (
  • New feature: "Alarm" dashboard widget is now compliant with QML mode

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