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Skrooge 2.7.0 released

The Skrooge Team announces the release 2.7.0 version of its popular Personal Finances Manager based on KDE Frameworks


  • Correction: Due to a security hole, sqlcipher is no more an option. If you use password protection, we strongly encourage you to use this version of Skrooge and to change your password
  • Correction: "Delete" and "Add property" are never activated in "Simulator" page
  • Correction: Current periods (Quarter, Semester, Year) must be available in some widgets of the dashboard
  • Correction: Only previous months are relevant in "Personal finance indicator" of the dashboard
  • Correction: Boobank backend does not import transactions when the date format is YYYY-MM-DD 00:00:00
  • Correction: Remove "Stooq monthly history.txt" because it does not work
  • Correction: Description of SKGPeriodEdit is not correct
  • New feature: Addition of the "Other" category in dashboard and report widget name "5 main categories of expenditure"
  • New feature: New grantlee filter to execute the sql order you want on the document. This will improve html reports
  • New feature: New grantlee filter to convert an integer in file size format (example: 390.2 MB)
  • New feature: Ability to open a file property by url
  • New feature: CSV export from report is now able to export raw values (
  • New feature: Resize of account number in "Accounts" page to be able to entre IBAN number
  • New feature: "Rename" for all dashboard widget
  • New feature: "Search & process" is now possible on bank name. This allows to create an alarm based on the deposit guarantee level per bank

Get it, Try it, Love it...

Grab Skrooge from your distro's packaging system. If it is not yet included in repositories, go get it from our website, and bug your favorite distro for inclusion.

Get Involved

To enhance Skrooge, we need you ! There are many ways you can help us:

  • Submit bug reports
  • Discuss on the KDE forum
  • Contact us, give us your ideas, explain us where we can improve...
  • Can you design good interfaces ? Can you code ? Have webmaster skills ? Are you a billionaire looking for a worthy investment ? We will be very pleased in welcoming you in the skrooge team, contact us !