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Using new Oxygen Financial icons in Skrooge

I just noticed recently that Nuno, our Oxygen Icons superhero, drawn some icons for KDE financial apps. This is a first result to some work we performed with the other KDE Financial guys during last year's Sprint in Frankfurt. So, first things first, thanks Nuno for working on this :).

These are the icons I could spot that are directly finance related (I may have skipped some)

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Skrooge moved to Git !

Skrooge has now moved to git, thanks to everyone I bugged in the process (eean, povaddict, apachelogger, annma, toma... sorry if I forget someone !).

Skrooge code can now be found in

If anyone (translators, packagers, developpers, users compiling from source...) has issues following this move, please get in touch with me !

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KDE 4.6 Release Event in Toulouse, France, including a Skrooge presentation

Toulibre, a group of users advocating Free Software in the Southwest of France, will be holding an event in Toulouse for celebrating KDE 4.6 release. There will be a party on the Friday, and several user-oriented talks on the Saturday.

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Skrooge 0.8.0 Released

The Skrooge team is proud to announce the release of version 0.8.0, bringing new features and bugfixes. One of the noteworthy additions in this version is a very first draft of a budget module:

Please be aware that the budget module is not yet considered in a stable state, and might be subject to heavy modifications in the upcoming versions, probably mostly on the visual side.

Using Skrooge's advanced features for your christmas expenses

I don't know about you, but for me Christmas' gifts have always been a kind of challenging exercise. Getting a gift for every child in the family - not only my own kids, but also nephews or friends' kids - trying to keep inside your budget, and making sure they are treated equally. Not to speak about the crowd in the shops, that's another topic Tongue out.

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Skrooge 0.7.1 Released

The Skrooge team announces release of Skrooge 0.7.1, bringing the usual load of bugfixes and new features. Please note that this version requires KDE SC 4.4.x minimum, since we are using the excellent work from John LAYT on currencies, available from 4.4.0.

Also, for packagers, there is no direct dependency to SQLite anymore... SQLite is still needed, but the dependency is satisfied by the standard Qt SQLite driver.


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