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We're doing import / export...

One of the most requested feature in Skrooge is the ability to exchange data with other applications, such as KMyMoney and gnucash. We already agreed with the KMyMoney folks to work on better interoperability between our two apps. Stéphane put down the first stones of this building with gnucash and KMyMoney import and export functions.

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Skrooge 0.6.0 Release Candidate

The Skrooge team aims at releasing version 0.6.0 on February 6th. To help us ironing any issue that may have slipped out of our attention, we encourage everyone to test our Release Candidate, available from our Download page, and to report them on

Translators may also do their magic, as this means we are in String Freeze.

So, what's to be expected in this upcoming version ?

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Gathering user feedback

When we started Skrooge, many moons ago, we decided that it would be

"a personal finances manager for KDE4, aiming at being simple and intuitive"

Now, time went by and many features have been added, and maybe the original statement has been a bit forgotten. We will spend time on refining the application usability, but for that we need your input.

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Skip Skrooge 0.5.1, jump directly to 0.5.2

To all Skrooge users and packagers : there is a bug in version 0.5.1 that will make you think all your data is lost ! Relax, it is not lost, and will be retrieved as soon as you install 0.5.2.


This is why we ask everyone with a version lower to 0.5.1 to skip this version, and go directly to version 0.5.2 released a few days ago.


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