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Skip Skrooge 0.5.1, jump directly to 0.5.2

To all Skrooge users and packagers : there is a bug in version 0.5.1 that will make you think all your data is lost ! Relax, it is not lost, and will be retrieved as soon as you install 0.5.2.


This is why we ask everyone with a version lower to 0.5.1 to skip this version, and go directly to version 0.5.2 released a few days ago.


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Skrooge 0.5.2 released

Release early, release often, they say, so...


Skrooge 0.5.2 is now available. This is mainly a bugfix and performances release, but it also contains a new feature, called alarms.


Alarms are built on top of "Search & Process", and basically warn you once a condition is verified. For example, you can use this to be warned when your monthly expenses in a category exceed a certain amount. Yes, you can use it to define a basic budget overlook, but its usage may be wider than this !

Skrooge on Mac OS X, Windows

For all my personal computing needs, linux + the KDE desktop is my platform of choice. It has everything I need, and I find it vastly superior in most (if not all) aspects compared to other proprietary solutions. However, others may have different needs and/or opinions, or simply have no choice. My employer used to have many Unix stations (HP-UX and Solaris) for CAD needs, but is now moving to PCs with Windows for these too.

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Skrooge 0.5.0 released

The Skrooge team is pleased to announce the release of version 0.5.0. This is the first version officially released from KDE extragear, and we would like to thank all those who contributed, far too many to credit everyone ! We intentionnally skipped numbers between our last release (0.2.9) and this one to reflect both our inclusion in the KDE world, and the massive amount of features, bugfixes, optimizations performed. Some highlights :

More skrooge features

As promised in a previous post, here are some more Skrooge features. I posted a first list a rather long time ago, but it was quite incomplete, and some more features have been added in between. Please note also that this post is heavily based on the Skrooge Handbook, because I'm such a lazy chap ;-)

Importing Existing Data

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Skrooge in string freeze, preparing for next release

We intend to release a new Skrooge version end of August, with lots of new features. We have declared a string freeze state, so that translators can do their magic ! If you're interested in knowing whether skrooge will be available for your language, you may check the translation teams progresses.

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Skrooge in kdereview

After several weeks in playground, I have moved skrooge into kdereview. If all goes well, we should be moving to extragear in two weeks. This is going to be a huge step for skrooge, and a small but (In My Humble Opinion) nifty addition to the list of KDE applications. By becoming an official KDE application, we hope to reach more users, more contributors and, all in all, enhance skrooge.

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Skrooge 0.2.9 available in sourceforge

Skrooge 0.2.9 is now available on sourceforge !

While skrooge's sources are now fully migrated in playground, we are not yet ready to move into kdereview then extragear, mostly because documentation is far from complete. Still, Stephane* made a great number of enhancements in playground, and we'd like to share them with you, dear comunity =D.


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