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Skrooge 0.7.1 Released

The Skrooge team announces release of Skrooge 0.7.1, bringing the usual load of bugfixes and new features. Please note that this version requires KDE SC 4.4.x minimum, since we are using the excellent work from John LAYT on currencies, available from 4.4.0.

Also, for packagers, there is no direct dependency to SQLite anymore... SQLite is still needed, but the dependency is satisfied by the standard Qt SQLite driver.

KDE Finance Sprint, take 1

Developpers of KMyMoney (Thomas, Alvaro, Cristian), Kraft (Klaas, Thomas) and Skrooge (this humble author) have met Friday in Frankfürt, Germany, for the first KDE Finance Sprint. Arnaud, developper of Assuma (previously known as the way-too-long-a-name Association Subscribers Manager) could not make it due to real life issues.

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Budget implementation in Skrooge

Dear Lazyweb,

One of the upcoming features of Skrooge is budget management. Most other financial apps out there do it pretty good, but we'd like to do even better :)

I'd like to get feedback from you on what you expect from a financial application regarding budget management. Here is our current view on it:

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