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Installation on Windows

Thanks to the efforts from the KDE on Windows team, Skrooge can now be installed on Windows. The procedure is still a bit tricky on some aspects, so here is how you can do it:

  1. Get the KDE on Windows installer
  2. In the startup wizard, select "package manager" as profile
  3. Pick up a mirror. In my experience, only the main server ( appears to be up to date, but I must confess I didn't try them all.
  4. Select "stable latest" for the version. 
  5. Select Skrooge in the list of available packages
  6. Install
  7. Enjoy :)


I don't see Skrooge in the installer

  • When selecting the KDE version to install, make sure you selected "Stable Latest".
  • When selecting your type of user, make sure you selected "Package Manager"

Skrooge will not work

In case you can't get skrooge working by following the above procedure, you should check the following packages have been installed

  • qca
  • kdebase-runtime
  • kdelibs
  • sqlite

If some of these packages are missing, install them.

There are no icons

Make sure the package "oxygen-icons" is installed