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Installation on Windows

Skrooge can be installed on Windows 10 by following this procedure:

  1. On Win10 Creator’s Update the Windows Subsystem for Linux  (wsl)
  2. You can use ubuntu, then on console:
    1. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:s-mankowski/ppa-kf5
    2. sudo apt-get update
    3. sudo apt-get install skrooge-kf5
  3. Install Xming
    1. export DISPLAY=:0
    2. sudo apt install dbus-x11
    3. dbus-launch
  4. Enable icons in skrooge
    1. export QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=qt5ct
    2. qt5ct
    3. sudo apt-get install plasma-workspace
    4. sudo apt-get install breeze-icon-theme
    5. sudo apt-get install oxygen-icon-theme
    6. sudo apt-get install libkf5iconthemes5
    7. sudo apt-get install libkf5config-bin
    8. sudo apt-get install systemsettings
    9. sudo apt-get install systemsettings5
    10. systemsettings5    ->  and choose "Brise" icons
  5. Add at the end of ~/.config/kdeglobals: